Posted by: brittany marie | September 14, 2008

el león de san marco

I began the day at the UNF Aquatic Center. My swim reminded me once again that I am not in peak condition…and the mother and daughter with whom I shared my lane also reminded me of that fact. Later, I and one of my roommates fought to get our laundry done…if it wasn’t the lack of empty machines, it was the broken card reader or the search for quarters…but in the end we finished two loads.


Around two o’clock we headed to San Marco to meet up with some friends who had left earlier. Our adventures in the laundry room had waylaid us but we didn’t miss much besides overly grand houses by the river. Our time in San Marco revolved primarily around the San Marco Bookstore. There was a beautiful collection of books there, from different decades and centuries. I even wandered upon a book from the mystery series staring Judy Bolton. I remember checking out those books from the Baptist church my family attended in Alabama years ago.


I desperately wanted to grab up dozens of books, but the price of each book I found averaged around twenty dollars and as a college student, that’s a ridiculous splurge. The day winded down fast and ended back at UNF in our dorm room around nine. A good friend of ours headed back to Orlando…and everyone else split to run errands and get a bite to eat. That left me here in the dorm…a very quiet dorm.


Silence has grown eerie again. But the sky was so blue today.






  1. The sky is so blue! I miss the sky being that blue over here…

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