Posted by: brittany marie | August 18, 2008

pass the roseart please

I find that I really enjoy using markers as media. The end result may not appear as fine art but I enjoy the process and the finale. I also like using the finished product to change the front of my planner and sketchbook. For the bible though, I made a collage with photographs, old drawings, and magazine cutouts…and duct tape.



  1. I like the middle picture the most 🙂

  2. Those are GORGEOUS! The colors are so vibrant, the subjects so fascinating. I am in awe of anyone who can draw or paint like that, no matter the medium.

  3. Wow, awesome.

    Were the two on the right REALLY done with RoseArt markers?

  4. Yes. I normally kill whole packages of markers by coloring like this…oh well…the one on the far right is touched up slightly in Photoshop. I was messing with the hue and saturation…and in the end I like the original colors better than this version.

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