Posted by: brittany marie | August 12, 2008

starland at 40th and whitaker

In less than two weeks I will be back in Jacksonville, Florida. Sadly, I fail to truly appreciate Savannah until my time here is almost over. But this past Saturday I had an opportunity to explore some fun parts in this city with my younger sisters.


We headed down to Whitaker and 40th to the Starland Farmer’s Market. It takes places Saturday mornings from about nine to noon. The vendors and artists who make appearances vary by weekend. Sometimes there are big weeks and than other weekends the participants are a little sparse. But it is fun nonetheless and worth visiting. It smells of local creativity, fresh vegetables, and fertilizer. Seriously, there was a man selling fertilizer out of his truck. There is an underlying theme of “going green” at this event with a small booth where more information was made available.


Before exploring the market and surrounding area, my sisters and I stopped by Back in the Day Bakery. It’s right off Bull Street and the market is right behind it. As their website puts it the shop is an “independent artisan bakery, coffeehouse and sandwich shop with free wireless internet access.” It is an awesome place to grab a snack or meal…and they have a cupcake schedule. I can vouch for the cupcakes. They’re amazing.


My sisters and I made a time of it all and went further down some back alleys. I can’t suggest this as a safe pastime in Savannah, or anywhere for that matter. We were careful however, and in the end stumbled upon some fun graffiti.



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