Posted by: brittany marie | August 9, 2008

the greeks had a good idea

I am watching the opening ceremony for the 2008 Olympics right now.


Of course it already happened earlier this morning and sadly, we only get to see it hours later. (I did learn that NBC is broadcasting live on the internet.) I wish I could be there in person about as much as I want to be in South Africa in 2010 for the World Cup. I don’t even care so much for the games as I do for the attitude of unity that accompanies these events. It is mind-blowing and humbling to watch these nations gather. There are so many beautiful people!


However, a small part of me cringes as I watch the people waving and cheering. The visual effects and craftsmanship of the events and the architecture of the stadium are spectacular…but I feel like they are good distractions. Why? China doesn’t even recognize Taiwan…they violently put down protests by Tibetan monks…Christians face terrible persecution from their government. But those pictures and stories are not displayed on the big screens or in the dances.


These countries gather and everyone, yes, everyone, speaks of peace, unity, environmentalism…gathering as the “world.” It sounds good. And it will only ever “sound” good because we can’t see it because it isn’t put into action.


So, the Olympics are fun to watch…and maybe they can be considered a shadow of good things that can happen…but they are by no means an accurate reading of the state of affairs in our world.




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