Posted by: brittany marie | July 1, 2008

i have the makings of a nerd

I recently tried to share my excitement surrounding the Spanish win of Euro 2008 with my wonderful younger sister. Sadly, the attempt stopped short the moment she learned of…or actually saw a picture of Sergio Ramos, who she has claimed as her “new boyfriend.” The conversation was successful in that she is now aware of another soccer player aside from David Beckham. It was a failure in that, well…you get the picture.


On another note, I went to the gym at the neighborhood club yesterday. The experience was a cruel reminder that I am not athletic. I also realized that my last time in a gym was about three years ago. Apparently, each machine I went to had been used previously by a bone-crunching heavy weight because the settings were really high. The small pin that is used to select the amount of weight was at the bottom of the stack at a number like seventeen. I would take a moment at each machine to gasp, chuckle, and then shamefully place the pin at a lower setting. Like two.

But it is all good, because I plan to work out some at home before revealing my newly sculpted form during my next gym visit. Perhaps I will lift a second coffee mug each day…and I will use both hands. Then I will move up to cans of chopped pineapple.

Honestly though, I find it sad that I feel this pressure to look good before I go to the gym.


And another note from the first two previous notes…my first post was about confession, and I realized that I should probably confess something. I was unsure about this particular admission because it often provides plenty of material for ridicule and laughter. Nonetheless, often in life one is called to make a stand. So:

I really like public radio.

But it is unfair of me to leave you with that last sentence unexplained…and it will be to your benefit to consider my position…seriously. My reasons are as follows:

– This American Life // Hosted by Ira Glass, each episode of this series focuses on a theme and then several stories are told relating to that theme. A recent episode focused on the Ten Commandments and stories were told of people working to follow those rules. It is a good show because the themes and stories ask thought-provoking questions.

– WYNC’s Radio Lab // This show is truly a piece of art. Why? Because like “This American Life,” each episode follows a certain theme; however, one of the two hosts, Jad Abumrad, has a career in music composition, so each episode is held together by musical interchanges, engaging sound-effects, and conversational rhythms. Maybe I am building it up to much…but it is a great show and the personalities of Jad and co-host Robert Krulwich provide enough contrast to remain interesting but not annoyingly dramatic.

– Sound Opinions // Hosted by Jim DeRogatis, of the Chicago Sun-Times, and Greg Kot, of the Chicago Tribune, this show takes a critical look into the music realm. Jim and Greg are both recognized music critics and they provide intelligent and opinionated looks into different genres, albums, headlines, etc. These guys know their stuff.

– Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! // This “oddly informative news quiz” is hosted by Peter Sagal and scorekeeper Carl Kasell. Each week they have different panel members, from Mo Rocca to Paula Poundstone and/or Charlie Pierce answer different questions about news from the previous week. It is a very witty and often hilarious radio show. There is also a great section called “Not My Job” where guests are asked questions about things they know nothing about…last week’s guest was Jonathon Poneman, founder of Sub Pop Records.

All of these shows are available as podcasts, so check iTunes. I should get paid for this…but those are my reasons. I am not a fan of the dreary classical music or sleepy radio hosts that are far too often on-air…but I do like the presentations that NPR produces. They are so much better than the annoying and rather crude morning shows and DJs that every local station likes to employ.


My last note…I should probably get back to painting.



  1. This American Life changed my…life. Seriously.

    As did Fresh Air with Terri Gross. And I am increasingly enjoying some of the classical music and news shows.

  2. Hi BM — Just wanted to say thanks so much for the kind words about “Sound Opinions”; glad you dig the show. Great blog, and thanks again for listening and for sharing your enthusiasm.


  3. Hi, I’m a great fan of Sergio Ramos too! lawl. Only i wouldnt really call him moi bf considering the vast distance between us. 😛

    I know how yer feel about trying to share the excitement! lawl. Apparently half of moi friends couldnt care less and the other half are sulking cause their teams didnt win… Yer an italian supporter much?

    But what can yer do? I figure us footy fanatics should all just stick together and tell the rest to shove off! lawl

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