Posted by: brittany marie | June 30, 2008

obsessions i foster

Today, Spain won the Euro 2008 final. It was a good game and the only goal made was courtesy of Fernando Torres. It was even more exciting when I learned that this win brings an end to forty-four years of, well, not winning. I realize though, that it is not the exhilaration of the game or the skill required that attracts me to soccer. Rather, it may sound silly, but I feel connected when I watch the games. Even though America has not been sold on it yet, the rest of the world pretty much loves this sport…and it is a grand thing to realize that thousands of international fans can connect over a game. Maybe that is a silly reason…maybe even pathetic…but I still really like soccer.


On another note, I do believe I have discovered a perfect obsession to fit my vice. The idea sprung upon me when my father returned from Australia today. Besides his healthy person, he brought many gifts for the family. I received a beautiful pair of earrings made from Jarrah and Red Mallee, both of the Eucalyptus family. I know because there were small cards accompanying the jewelry and explaining in detail the “richly colored and beautifully grained timber.” They are definitely something special, and I am not being sarcastic.


Aside from the fine crafts, my father also bought a mug for each of us children. They are covered in bright colors and loosely drawn symbols of Australia, like the Opera House, Opals, boomerangs, kangaroos, and of course Uluru. (That would be the big red rock thing you always see on television…it is also called Ayer’s Rock.) This would be the spark. I love coffee…sometimes in a most unhealthy fashion. Three cups a day cannot be beneficial to my person…but you need a mug to drink coffee. So, what better obsession to have than mugs!?


Collecting mugs will not damage your reputation like that of stamps or bugs. Another positive is the reaction friends and family have when they see all the unique choices they have to assist their consumption of coffee…hot chocolate…tea. Imagine: you could stand in the kitchen and tell the story behind each mug and give your friend the opportunity to become a part of that story…who doesn’t love being woven into a tapestry of history?


Okay, so that is a bit ridiculous. Honestly, I figured mugs are a collection much more useful than, well, bugs. And you never know…mugs could connect people, like soccer, or better yet, grace.



  1. Brittany, you’re a girl after my own heart. I too am a mug enthusiast. Behold this little gem that has recently come my way…

  2. Perhaps this: [IMG][/IMG]

  3. Dang.

  4. Brendan, that is amazing. Seriously, I would consider this mug to be the big gun in your arsenal…you know, you pull out all the foreign mugs to show your friends and then wham! Hit them with the bowling mug…genius.

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