Posted by: brittany marie | May 19, 2008

heavy eyelids

I’ve just had a wonderful weekend in Jacksonville. I’m still here though, at the Thomas G. Carpenter Library on the UNF campus. I’m waiting to meet up with friends at an apartment here in Jax and have a Gathering night with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship.

It’s a really perfect ending to a good weekend.

Friday evening, I was able to see Narnia with friends and then hang out at a friend’s place…and I also got to see video from GodTV about the crazy stuff happening in Lakeland, Florida. Then Saturday, I went with friends to attend a wedding in Saint Simon’s Island, Georgia…which was awesome…but sad b/c things are changing. That night I also played about a billion rounds of catchphrase with people.

Then Sunday, I was able to attend a service at Vineyard which I miss incredibly…and then that afternoon I went to another wedding of a dear friend with a good friend and his family…Sunday night was spent having dinner with friends at a kind friend’s apartment…Monday was passed with friends and new friends at Ginnie Springs, Florida…

But what I am astounded by is how God has blessed me through people. Each day was filled with creating fun memories and building new relationships and I’m really happy to have been in Jax this weekend. Really happy. I have so many amazingly talented, generous, funny friends, that I really feel undeserving of such company.

And now I have a little more hope for the summer, b/c I know what I get to come back too…and that’s exciting.

But so is going home…to my own lovely family and a cozy bed.


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