Posted by: brittany marie | May 16, 2008

sequential art with promise

My hands really hurt.


I recently rediscovered a project I had started during Christmas break and then never finished. It’s a ten page illustrated story…possibly longer if the story isn’t explained well enough in ten.


Either way, short or long, my hands hurt because I’ve been holding a pencil and/or pen for about four hours straight now…time for a break.


This piece is taking much longer because I’m drawing out the text and each letter is from a different font family. I thought about typesetting the whole thing with InDesign but I felt like something would be lost in that process. Maybe I’m looking for an organic feeling in the end result…I don’t know.


It’s taking an excessive amount of time to finish a single page and I’m already impatient enough with my work…so if I should finish this, it will be only be the grace of God.


I’m calling it “No Cream, No Sugar.” It will be the third such piece I’ve done and I would love to publish all three in a small book…probably the size and feel of a comic book. Each story is something I’ve learned or discovered in this walk of faith. This current story comes after a few mistakes on my part…so I’m excited to pass on this experience to others, hopefully for their benefit…but we’ll see.


It’s quite possible that very little could come of this. There has been a trend as of late to be more open and accepting of art in the church’s realm. But I don’t know how long that shall last…or even how willing people will be to spread grace and peace through new media. Sequential art in particular has gotten a bad rap because comics were originally viewed as poor man’s novels. And it’s still rare to find quality storylines in comics, much less redeeming ones…but it would be sweet to see that change.


Imagine, instead of tracks, people passing out small comic book gospels…or collections of stories of what those who have gone before have learned.


You never know.


Grace and peace.



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