Posted by: brittany marie | April 27, 2008

if you give a child a camera

I remember going to the public library when I was around ten years of age and I vaguely recall pulling this one book off the shelf. It was titled “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.” I couldn’t tell you the ending but I do know that the overall idea was giving a cookie to a mouse resulted in him wanting a glass of milk, and then wanting to check himself in the mirror for a milk mustache…and by the end, this train of events would cumulate into something completely outrageous. And I think other books have followed like “If You Give a Pig a Pancake.”

I never realized though, how popular that mouse book was among readers. I forgot about it until later when it would be mentioned in conversations and people would rave about it…and then quote it…that’s a little odd.

But that happened to me yesterday. We, three friends and I, went to Hollybrook today to play with the kids there for the last time before the fall semester starts in August. I’m really sad that I’ll be in Savannah and separated from them, because I love those kids. They have so much potential.

Anyhow, we were taking a break from a game of baseball and heading over to the shaded picnic benches for lunch, when I decided to bring out my digital camera out of the car. It’s a rather expensive camera…well, really expensive because it’s a digital SLR.

And then chaos broke out. Every child wanted a chance to hold the camera…to look at it…take pictures. For the next hour or more I watched my camera handed from child to child, each fighting to hold it a minute longer.

A few times I wondered when I had lost my mind in allowing rowdy kids to handle an expensive piece of technology…but they were having so much fun. One boy really got into it and took time to frame each picture. I never would have imagined that a camera could bring such joy to someone…amazing what I take for granted.

However, my outrageous ending was an unharmed camera with about three hundred photographs that I did not have to take, and yet, I’ve never loved a bunch of pictures more.

Grace and peace.


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