Posted by: brittany marie | April 17, 2008


This week and the one previous have been the most abnormal weeks I’ve had all this semester. Normally I am rushed for time and every minute is precious. I can be found in the dorm trekking through homework or at the Matthew’s Lab working my way through pages of code. I see a few people but my days are pretty bare of interaction unless the event, like the Gathering, Burn, etc, has already been scheduled into my routine.


But these two weeks have been nothing like that. Instead, I’ve had this weird lull in my final’s time where nothing has been due and I’ve found myself with hours in hand. Hours that aren’t promised to any person or upon the chopping block of homework.


And to make matters even more amazing, the weather over these past few weeks has been the most gorgeous work of meteorology I’ve seen in a long time. For instance, yesterday barely broke sixty degrees. And it’s April. In Florida.


I’ve spent these past weeks out on the Green of the campus. I sit on the benches or lay on the grass and it’s amazing. I have met some awesome people and reconnected with others and it’s been wonderful. And I have this great farmer’s tan going.


But the most amazing things are the moments of perfect delight I’ve had. I have a hard time finding a quiet place to just be and know God, but my times on the Green have proved to be the loveliest moments of this semester. Even with people everywhere, it’s so relaxing and laid back. I find more solace there than in any empty room. And the presence of God is more real there than I’ve seen in a while.


I have these precious free moments and I experience them in this wonderful communion of silent listening while appreciating creation. And everything becomes entwined in those moments from the barely-there-breezes to someone’s laughter echoing through the buildings to the funny little lizards that claim the sun-warmed bench wood.


By this time next week, I’ll probably wish I had obeyed the tyranny of the urgent (Charles E. Hummel) but for now I find myself bringing to reality that line from David’s psalm: Be still, and know that I am God.



  1. I’m stoked that you’re finding stillness and delight in these days!

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