Posted by: brittany marie | April 6, 2008

feed your monster

Wednesday – the 2nd

I managed to get through my classes. These last few weeks are dragging by. But that night I took some paintings downtown to display at the monthly Jacksonville Art Walk. I set up in Hemmingway Plaza accompanied by Furey. My work received a lot of positive reviews and people stopped for quite a while to examine the different pieces. So that’s encouraging.



Thursday – the 3rd

I was up early today. And the whole day began on a positive note. Kathryn and I went early to the Greene’s for the girl’s bible study and then afterwards we walked to the beach and saw the most beautiful sunrise…and dolphins! You can’t get any more amazing than that! But more importantly, the bible study went really well, and as last week was the worship week at Vineyard, we didn’t have a sermon to discuss. So we talked about Isaiah 35:8 instead and I learned a lot.



Friday – the 4th

Thursday began in a beautiful fashion. Friday began like a beast. I slept through my alarm and managaed to wake up at 8am…when I was supposed to be leaving to get downtown for the re:Charge ’08 conference. Registration started at 8:30 and I was just waking up! So I freaked, but somehow, by the grace of God, I got downtown and found a parking spot right at 8:30!


The conference’s theme was “Recharging Your Creative Monster.” I guess Jax AIGA is alive and well and has thise whole theme of monsters or something. I wouldn’t know for sure becuase I’m rarely invovled. But the speakers were all experienced and successful. Well, duh, of course they were. But I say that to make a point of saying I’m not sure design is what I want to continue in. I’m sure it’s a great way to make money and I’ll probably pursue some sort of design career for a bit. But as far as being a designer forever…I don’t think I have the passion.


Those people at the conference lived design. They drank it and ate it…not really, as in food packaging. Everything was design. I don’t want that.


But that night I went to the leadership meeting at the Well Café and it was wonderful and I loved just hanging out with people afterwards…and the prayer meeting that followed was wonderful as well, and as a whole the day ended less like a beast and more like an angel.




The conference ended today but I left around 4:00 after the panel discussion with the conference speakers. The events to follow would require mingling and networking and finally, around 8pm, barhopping. The first two are not my strengths and the last is something that I can’t legally participate in.


However, I did enjoy what I experienced earlier. I ate at Burrito Gallery for the first time! Yes, three years in Jax and I’m still way behind. But I also got to see the Circuit which was the new media display at the Burrito Gallery. And I got to hear Ann Willoughby and Matt Rollins speak. They’re of Willoughby Design and Iconologic respectively. Both were amazing to hear and encouraging. For a few seconds in each lecture, I found myself wanting to remain a designer.


Who knows. Maybe I will.


But for the rest of the day I worked on my online website and portfolio. It needed some revisions and a little update. And now, I’ll start all my major homework.




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