Posted by: brittany marie | March 24, 2008

no pralines, thanks.

Overall, this week went by at a reasonable pace. It wasn’t too fast or too slow. I was even able to accomplish some school work. Even thought that sounds terribly nerdy of me, at least now I’m not stressing as I face another week back at school. I’m glad to have gone home. It only reinforced how much I love my family but also how much I love my independence. My parents want me to move back after school, but I don’t think so.

As of now, I dread the idea. I shouldn’t. It’s the smart thing to do. To go home and work and save the money that would go to rent and food. But I would be in a routine that would choke the life out of me. Eventually, I’d fall into a pattern of working Mondays through Fridays and only living on the weekend. I don’t want that. I want more than a 9-5 and free Saturdays. I want more than church on Sundays.

I want adventures and new cultures. I want to be jarred out of my reality and brought face to face with God and his creations…I don’t want the normal. I want something different.

But how does one go about finding that?

Overall, spring break was fun and restful. Praise the Lord for a time to sleep.

But praise the Lord even more that today we can celebrate life. Because true love died we can truly live.

Sunday – Trip to Saint Augustine


Wednesday – Painting

Thursday – Wandering Downtown Savannah



Friday – Birthday Day in Savannah with dinner at the Firefly Cafe



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