Posted by: brittany marie | March 18, 2008

fresh baked

It’s hard when people around you are growing up and moving forward with life. It’s comforting that life goes on, but strangely depressing when it’s making these steps without you.

Once, I was in New York City with a wonderful friend. We had just walked out of Grand Central into the craziness that is the city. I was hungry so we stopped at a little café to grab lunch. It was one of those classic movie scene cafes, where everything is sparkling clean, modern, with lots of red accents, and the café’s logo is posted in the middle of each spotless window pane. People are lining up to order and the cashiers wait patiently in their red aprons. Every detail reflects the early 1900’s style but with a modern twist. You would half expect Meg Ryan to waltz in, hoping to grab a cup of her usual…

It smells like fresh bread and coffee.

And it’s oddly cool, unlike the agitated summer air outside.

For a second, I felt really “vogue” being there. I felt like part of NYC and not some tourist, b/c this place was off the beaten path.

So my friend and I got our sandwiches and sat down at the window counter to eat. Sitting there, I watched people, of all types, rush past. Off to work. Off to home. Off somewhere…and there I sat.

That is how I feel now, sans the sandwich.


Perhaps I need a sandwich, on pumpernickel…


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