Posted by: brittany marie | March 7, 2008

Mad March Days…

March 5th was the monthly art walk in downtown Jacksonville. I went with two friends and we walked the streets for a bit. There were some crazy interesting people there, for the artsy fartsy to the downright drunk. It’s thrilling how art and alcohol go hand in hand.

It was a good show though and there was quite a turnout. I remember going about a year ago and the place still be like a ghost town. The Burrito Gallery was packed, so we didn’t even try to get through…but the square in front of MOCA was full of people and artists displaying their work and wares.

Good times.

Artwalk 04Artwalk 03Artwalk 02 

Artwalk 05Artwalk 01


March 6th was field day on the green. I think I broke one of my toes playing soccer, but I enjoyed every minute of our game. And the pre-game antics of Andrew’s grotesque play-doh skills.


March 7th is today. And it’s raining. And there was a bee in our room. But we didn’t kill him and managed instead to let him back outside. It’s raining so hard though, maybe we should have let him stay a bit longer.




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